27 Jul

The Benefits of a Household Manager

Household Managers are becoming increasingly popular, even for those who are not among the “super rich.”  Many families and individuals find that trusting a professional with the management of their home, their travel and social plans, their domestic helpers, and their errands frees their mind and their schedule to enjoy the lifestyle they work so hard for.

Whether you’re seeking to ease your stress, give yourself more free time, or spend more time focusing on hobbies, family, or your career, hiring a Household Manager to help with the day-to-day planning and running of a home is a solution more and more people rely on.

Household Managers can handle a variety of tasks, and their job descriptions can be customized to your lifestyle and budget.  Some people have household managers that work only a few days a month, ensuring that schedules are coordinated, bills paid, errands run, menus planned, pets cared for, and domestic chores are completed.  Other families may require a more consistent management schedule where a Household Manager comes in a couple times a week to manage domestic help like cleaning, cooking and nanny services.  Household Managers also schedule and are on site for appointments with tradesmen like plumbing, landscaping, A/C technicians, or pest-control providers.  Event planning services are an additional task that most Household Managers are qualified to provide, making every birthday, holiday party, or family get-together much more enjoyable for you.

Nook and Cranny Household Managers are experienced professionals who can be trusted with even the most intimate details of a family and the running of a home.  We understand the need for domestic help who can be relied upon to provide reliable service, flexibility and discretion.  If your lifestyle could be enhanced and your stress reduced by turning over some of your tasks to a Household Manager, contact Rhoda at Nook and Cranny today.


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