11 Apr

Organizing – Streamline the Process

Ready, Set, Organize!

Simple Organization…to some those few words sound like an impossibility!  Have you tried to get organized but it seems like too much work?  There are simple strategies than can make any organizing plan effective.

One of the first steps to success is to eliminate and purge unwanted or rarely used items.  Storage bins and containers are a great help but if you’re trying to figure out how to store things you don’t need you’re operating in reverse.  Don’t store your junk.  Purge!  “Spring” clean!  Then you can evaluate what storage supplies or shelving will be most effective, saving yourself an unnecessary expense.

Clear storage bins and lids are excellent in helping you see what you want.   But whenever possible leave the lid off.  Laundry bins with no lids make it easier to just toss in the dirty clothes and for kids and teenagers this is the best choice.  And some adults as well.  An open bin for toiletries, paper, toys etc. is easily accessible to retrieve and replace your item.  Removing the lid may seem inconsequential but in a rush to clean up it’s one less step slowing you down.  We’re a culture of immediate results and it’s easier to stay organized when the process is streamlined.

Think about how often you use things and store them accordingly.  The things you use most often should have the easiest access and placed eye level whenever possible.  Do you use it once a year?  If so you might consider an attic or high shelf storage location.   You can get creative with labeling but the goal is to make sure you can easily identify what’s stored.

If you’ve become used the clutter in your home you may need to take a step back and view the living space as if you were a guest.  Try to imagine things in their original state.   Once you take this approach you can see what’s making things appear disorganized.  Do you have stacks of old newspapers on the floor by the couch? Shoes congregating by the front door?  Maybe you’ve stopped noticing, but a guest might.  Take the time to see your living spaces with “fresh” eyes, and whatever doesn’t add a welcoming touch, move it, store it, purge it!

For help with organizing, contact Nook & Cranny today.  Our professional organizers have the experience you need to feel confident and in control again!


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