04 Apr

Lifestyle Assistants Increase Your Productivity

If you think a Home Manager or a Lifestyle Assistant is only for the super rich, think again!

Many working professionals, busy moms, or jet-setting singles benefit from the concierge lifestyle and home management services Nook & Cranny offers.

Running errands, scheduling home maintenance and/or appliance repair visits (and being on-site to oversee), personal shopping, travel and transportation arrangements, and organizing bill-paying and paperwork are just some of the services we provide to average every-day working people to help them maximize their time and enjoy their lives to the fullest.

If you work from home, we can be especially helpful in organizing and maintaining your home office so that your space is clean, clear and productive during the time you are at your desk.

If you travel frequently, our team will make sure your home, pets, mail, and bills are taken care of while you’re away; You’ll always have peace-of-mind that your home is secure, clean and organized awaiting your return.

Our rates are set so that the average person benefits from the time they save vs. the expense of a lifestyle assistant. Because we are efficient, experienced, and reliable, our clients are actually MORE productive and have MORE personal time because of the support we provide.

Learn more about our rates / packages, or call Leslie or Laura now to get a free consultation with Amber on the schedule. 612-249-8615

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